Entertaining TTO kick-off

12 oktober 2023

On Friday 6 October all TTO students participated in an ‘English only’ pub quiz organised by the new TTO coordinators Jesse Hertogs (brilliant as quiz master) and Roel Reijven.

In mixed groups (year 1, 2 and 3) the students tried to score points by answering questions in various, fun categories. A special task force was carrying water guns to stimulate the students to keep speaking English (bilingual attitude is an important part of the TTO curriculum). This task was performed with great enthousiasm by several teachers who regularly had to remind the students not to speak Dutch with a squirt of water.

The first edition cup went to team 10; Noah V1g, Fleur V1f, Mees V2e, Jenna V2e, Gijs V3e, Maud V3e and Ivanna V3e.  All members of the teams that won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place got a specially designed TTO kick-off medal.

 Photos of the quiz 

Het College Weert

Een perfect leerklimaat in een groene omgeving!

Het College Weert

Samen leren met plezier!